School Facilities

 Inside Our Classrooms

The School has well-ventilated, spacious and aesthetically designed, air-conditioned AV rooms and well-equipped classrooms with smart Boards and audio visual learning aids.

 Language Lab

The English Language Lab is set up to offer an intensive English language training programme that reinforce students for academic success and their future career further allows them to communicate confidently and effectively.

 Arts & Fine Arts Studio

We believe that students should have extensive exposure to their cultural heritage and should be provided with an opportunity to enhance their talents in a fertile atmosphere through study of art, music, drama, speech, etc. With this in view, the School has the Arts and Fine Arts studio that enable students to find a new meaning of expression in an environment that challenges them to develop their artistic senses.

 Health Service

A school nurse will be on-site during the school hours. The nurse treats minor injuries, provides first aid and maintains students’ health records.

 Meal Plan

Snacks and lunch are prepared and served to the students at the hygienic refectory. The meal is prepared daily by our expert chefs based on the weekly set menu. The menus are checked regularly by independent experts to ensure that our students receive balanced, healthy and nutritional meals.

 Robotics Lab

This course consists of a guided tutorial and experienced faculties to teach. which increases the students curiosity while working with it. Robotics helps them to think abstract and performs well in exams and other extra carricular activities.

 Parents Web

We at JS Global Academy have introduced a software which benefits the teachers, the parents and the students. Parents can view lesson plans, homework and grades under password protection on the unique parents web services. Parents can also check their child's progress from any location via the web.

 Progress Monitoring System

The school has a special system of monitoring each child’s progress in sports. The quarterly reports and annual reports of each child’s activity, performance and achievements are being updated and posted on website so that the parents can keep track of their child activities in sports and academics. All students have a one-to-one interview with their teacher every term, and Parent-Teacher interactions are held each term. We believe that the best way to maximize a student’s potential is for school and home to work closely together.

 Around the Campus

We have well maintained playgrounds for the kids to play. The school has all the necessary facilities in keeping with the modern trend in education. We have conserved tree inside the campus as we built the school and have made it an integral part of the school. Shrubs, plants and trees are a part of our building including the terrace to bring nature indoors.

 The Library

The library maintains a supportive and nurturing environment in building knowledge base for students. The library contains books, Digital E- books, that cover a spectrum of subjects and satisfy students’ urge to learn.

 Science Zones

The science zone is a unique learning space which is designed to generate curiosity, stimulate creativity and promote enquiry in students. It is a centre, equipped with state-of-the-art: laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Environmental Sciences. Many concepts that are taught in the classroom are reinforced in various ways at the science zone.

 Informatics  Lab

The school has a well resourced informatics lab linked through a customised hi-speed internet connection. Students work in a variety of ways, using word processing, databases, graphic presentations, power point and desktop publishing.

 Math Lab

Mathematics plays a vital role in the modern world. Through our manipulative learning centre, we aim to help children enjoy the subject and develop confidence in their ability to use it in a range of different settings.

 Bus Service

JS GLOBAL ACADEMY provides bus fecility for the convenience of students and parents. All bus routes are monitored by a supervisor. The service consists of a standard service to and from the school. Buses arrive at the school each morning at approximately 8:15 am and depart the school at approximately 4:45 pm.

 Swimming Pool

Swimming is an essential lifeskill experienced. Mastering this skill at a young age can benefit you throughout your life. We have swimming instructors to train the students. It built endurance, muscle strength & cardiovascular fitness. It also gives freshness for mind and body.