The school gives a choice of a wide array of indoor and outdoor games and activities. The challenge for the body and mind is seen as an essential element of growing up in children.

 Performing Arts

Our offerings in performing arts are-vocal, contemporary dance, keyboard, drums, guitar and many more.

Drama and theatre participation will develop a lot of skills like gesture, facial expression, characterization, concentration, focus, control on body movements, role-play, connecting with audience, etc. These sessions are conducted by the professionals in the field.

 The Enrichment Programme

School and education is a preparation for real life. With the view to reinforce students’ formal learning through exposure to the world we introduced the “Enrichment Programme”, designed to teach students 21st century skills.

 Guest Lectures

We also conduct various guest lectures inside thecampus to give students an opportunity to interact and learn from people from different walks of life.

 Field Trips & Excursions

Trips & excursions form an integral part of the total learning experience at JS Global Academy. They may be planned locally to places of academic or general relevance and information. The objective of such learning for educational, physical and recreation. Teachers always accompany such groups and take charge of arrangements, safety and well-being of the groups as well as individuals.